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Sugar Land landscaping ideas – Improvising with driftwood

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Those who intend to do some Sugar Land landscaping with driftwood need to plan well and make use of their imagination. Driftwood is a natural product so it is easy to blend it with the environment.

It is easy to work with driftwood since it can be sanded, carved and finished to achieve the texture, shape and look you want or you can let it remain as it is. You can use small pieces to make birdhouses or large ones to create sculptures or furniture for the lawn and garden. Either way, you can always come up with something unique since driftwood pieces are different in color, shape and texture.

To create an illusion of height, you can use driftwood to make planters and add orchids, bromeliads and air-plants. Then, you can fasten them to a tree or wall. Later, new plants will grow and make a home in the driftwood’s cracks and crevices. You will find your wall to be filled with flowers, shoots and greenery plus the beautiful sight of driftwood.

For areas that are often overlooked since they seem to have no purpose and lack appeal, landscaping with driftwood will make them look more interesting. Some people may add a tree or place a huge stone in these areas. Instead, imagine large driftwood surrounded by wild flowers or sea grass.

You can create a natural look by including large pieces of driftwood to a water feature like a pond. By using the proper tools and some creativity, driftwood can be used to make an unusual water fountain.

When you bring long driftwood pieces together and fasten a box on top of it, you can come up with a unique mailbox. Also, you can make a chandelier out of spindly driftwood pieces and hang them in the corner of the garden. Add candles or wrap them with beautiful flowers or vines.

You can use 8-inch linear pieces of driftwood and sink them to the soil as retainer walls to surround trees or for flower beds. On the other hand, you can build heavier retainer walls making use of larger driftwood legs by setting them from end to end.

Benches and quaint chairs can be made out of thick, solid driftwood pieces to serve as a seat in places where you least expect to find them. A handmade driftwood table is the perfect piece you can use, when reading a book and enjoying the garden as you sip ice tea.

Here is another great Sugar Land landscaping idea: if you want to make the entrance to your garden more impressive, you can do it with a driftwood arch.

Driftwood wind chimes are easy to create by suspending different sizes of driftwood pieces from fishing line hanging from long, flat driftwood. Then find the best place to display your creation.

You can fasten driftwood pieces all across a planter box then include some moss between the cracks to come up with a unique and delightful flower box to show off your beautiful flowers. Actually, it can look good even without the presence of flowers.

When it comes to adding more interest to your outdoor space, there are endless possibilities with landscaping with driftwood. In what way can you be inspired by means of landscaping with driftwood?

There are many Sugar Land landscaping ideas that can inspire you to make your yard, garden and outdoors more alive with the use of natural driftwood. Did it ever cross your mind to use driftwood instead of regular statuary to decorate your garden? Make your secret garden look more inviting with a beautiful driftwood archway.