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Converting A Garage Into A Room

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If your garage has long since been accumulating dust and is on its way into becoming a junk room, then converting it into a room is a practical way to add extra living space-making full use of every square foot in your home. With the economy still down and the long running New York housing crunch, a home improvement of this kind will prove to be cost-efficient with the excavation already done, framing and foundation there, and the space enclosed. Converting a garage into a room can be clever but if not done right can be just as risky. Here are the essentials to cover when undertaking this project; ideal whether you are in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island or Staten Island.

Requirements and Legalities

First off, though the idea is exciting do not impulsively jump head on into the home improvement bandwagon without looking into the legal matters involved with such a project. There are major factors you have to go through before taking any step to convert that garage into a room:

1.Building Permits. Know what permits will be required and acquire them before starting with the conversion.

2.Building Codes. Check out local government building codes, these differ from one city to another. Make sure that the garage conversion will not affect drainage or if it will, immediately find an effective solution to avoid future problems. Another common building regulation that may affect your budget for the project is the required added insulation. Some local government might simply require another layer of insulation for efficiency but others may also necessitate digging up the existing floors to insulate.

3.HOA Rules. Another important consideration that would help you steer clear from possible legal bouts is to know the rules and regulations concerning your Homeowners Association. There are such listed neighborhoods where remodeling and home improvements are limited, especially those that affect the exterior look of the property and home.

Essentials for Maximized Comfort

As a garage is typically not meant as a living space, there are essentials that you have to keep in mind to make the conversionthe new room fully functional as well as comfortable.

Whether your new room is meant to be a bedroom, playroom for the kids, hobby room, or whatever purpose you have in mind; it is important that it serves its purposes while keeping the household as comfortable as possible no matter the season. If your central HVAC system can handle the extra space well, then all you have to do is run a ductwork from the system to your garage conversion finish. If not, then an added window air conditioning unit would suffice. To maximize your systems effort, ensure enough and proper insulation.

Lay over a subfloor to your existing concrete floor for added warmth and cushion. You can also get trendy and just paint or stain your concrete floor. Area rugs can do well in adding more touch of style as well as comfort.

Add windows to take advantage of natural lighting, views and added ventilation.

For your home and your safety, hire an electrician to do the wiring for you. By having a professional work on this, you will be assured that enough power supply and outlets will be integrated into the room efficiently. This factor is also covered by local building codes, so hire a local electrical contractor who is well-versed with the codes.