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Micrometers Improve Measuring Accuracy

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The micrometer is a tool that has proven to be invaluable to engineers through the years. The micrometer has been utilized in the fields of mechanical engineering and machining to measure tiny distances ever since the seventeenth century. The are various kinds of micrometer each made for a specific purpose, these include the outside micrometer, the inside or internal micrometer plus the depth micrometer. The micrometer, referred to as the micrometer screw gauge, is made up of calibrated screw but the exact type of this screw will depend on if the device is an outside or internal micrometer or even a depth micrometer.

The outside micrometer, also called the micrometer caliper, is required to measure a distance encased by the micrometer as the name suggests. The typical use of the outside micrometer is to measure items including wires, shafts and blocks. The device is used by fitting the gauge around the object to be measured then tightening the screw to fit tightly around the object involved. Much like the depth micrometer, the outside micrometer features a series of precision markings upon the screw which indicate the measurement of the object with great accuracy and reliability.

The internal micrometer, as it’s name also suggests, can be used to measure distances in which the micrometer itself fits. The most typical use of the device is in measuring the diameter of holes. To use an internal micrometer the screw is placed within the hole being measured and turned until the working parts have extended in an outward direction and fit tightly up against the inside wall of the hole. The measurement scale printed on the exterior of the screw will offer an accurate measurement.

The depth micrometer can be used in measuring the depth of a hole from the surface that it originates from. The device consists of a body from which protrudes a metal shaft and this can be extended and retracted using a screw on the devices body. With the main body of the tool resting on the surface along with the shaft above the hole, the depth may be measured. By twisting the screw the shaft is extended until it is in contact with the bottom. The measurement scale on the screw will provide an exact measurement.

Micrometers are widespread and very valuable in the field of engineering, allowing users to precisely measure small distances. The different types of micrometers give a level of accuracy that can’t be achieved simply by using a measuring tape. It is the screw that’s tightened that enables distances to be measured with this kind of degree of accuracy. If the screw mechanism is manufactured to a high standard then the micrometer will produce extremely precise measurements.