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Wireless Doorbells Are They Really Better Than Wired Doorbells

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Wireless Doorbells are a relatively new product to the doorbell industry. However, they have improved significantly even a short time to try to take market share away from wired doorbells. Here, are few of the pros and cons of both versions on what people care about the most:

1. Performance depends on your home setup.
Generally, wired doorbells will out perform wireless doorbells. This is because a direct line tends to be more effective than wireless versions. However, this is not always the case, some homes or apartments cannot use wired doorbells for various reasons. In these situations, wireless doorbells shine. In addition, in smaller size homes, the distinction of performance is irrelevant as both models perform equally. For larger home’s wired doorbells still hold a slight lead hopper long range wireless doorbells have closed the gap. In the coming years, we should anticipate the wireless doorbells will outperform wired versions and performance regardless of range limits.

2. Prices are very similar.
Doorbells tend to be cheap in comparison to other consumer products. Whether you choose a wired or wireless doorbell, most versions will run under $100. This is great news for families on a budget. However, it is also great news for wireless doorbell buyers, because it means that they will not have to break the bank to get the benefits of a wireless version.

3. Wired offer better design options, but things are changing.
Since wired doorbells have held an established position in the industry for a long time, it is only natural that most of the design options are wired versions to date. However, wireless versions are improving, and we seen more and more clever designs coming out every year. Reality is you should have no difficulty finding a design that matches your personality and home dcor interests.

4. Wireless wins in flexibility and versatility.
When it comes to flexibility and versatility, wireless doorbells blow away the competition. Since they have no wires, and much faster installation and can be moved around the house with little difficulty. This is great for remodeling and home improvement projects and for families looking to sell their home. Is it is far easier to take a wireless version with you rather than a wired doorbell.

By looking at all these advantages and disadvantages, it is too close to call on whether wireless doorbells are better than wired doorbells. Since each home is unique, you should try to find a version that will match your home the best.