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Accent Your Home’s Exterior With Colorful Window Frames

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Most homes have very similar exterior features, and after a while it seems as though every home looks alike. To achieve a unique, but tasteful look for your home’s exterior, why not install new windows with colored frames? Not only will the splash of color make your new windows visually pop, but the added color can help your home stand out without provoking that “what-were-they-thinking?” response from the neighbors. Why not consider one of these ready-made colored window frame options?

Which Color Window Frame Is Right for Your Home?

Red windows can enhance the warm color tones of natural wood siding and log homes. Most aluminum-clad wood windows are available in a few different tones of red, such as a dark brick red or a bright fire engine red. Red windows look best with divided light mullions, and are complemented by natural wood trim and a dark colored roof.

Bronze colored window frames offer a contemporary aesthetic to any home, and they look best when used around large picture windows which have no mullions or shutters. Bronze windows look great when installed with over-sized window trims which are dark in color and sit adjacent to light colored lap siding.

Blue windows can be a modern touch for traditional shingle-sided homes which have brightly colored metal roofs. This aesthetic is a welcome burst of color on homes in both seaside and mountainside environments where often the grey cloud cover can mute out natural toned colors.

Dark green window frames are a wonderful option for houses which are located in the country or in the forest, because the green color is reflective of the surrounding trees or the adjacent fields. Green windows go well with black rooftops and natural wood siding.

So if you want your home to visually stand apart from the others, but are not ready to commit to painting a rainbow mural on the side of your house, perhaps you should consider a elegant splash of color on your new windows.