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What You Should Know About Dentil Molding

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The exterior of your home is the first thing that your visitors and neighbors see every time they approach your property. Therefore, if you want your home to give off a good initial impression, you need to take some steps to keep the outdoor appearance in top shape, especially if youre thinking of selling your house sometime in the near future.

Dentil Molding Is Shaped Like Teeth
While new siding can help spruce up your homes exterior and give it a more refined look, certain types of decorative accents can help set your house apart from the rest. One of those options comes in the form of dentil molding. Dentil molding is a series of closely spaced blocks that form a decorative trim. Although the spelling is different, dentil molding actually resembles a sequence of tooth-like shapes, thereby causing many people to mistakenly refer to it as dental molding.

Where Dentil Molding Is Found
Dentil molding can often be found on older homes, though these days, more and more modern homes are beginning to sport this timeless fancy look. While this type of accent has its place both inside and outside the house, A lot of people looking to beef up their homes exteriors will choose to have it installed along the roofline for all to see. Although many homes with simple and plain exteriors can benefit from dentil molding, in most cases, it is used to replace older molding that is perhaps less polished or attractive.

How Much Dentil Molding Costs
Dentil molding installation is a quick and minimally disruptive process that can often be completed in a day. On the other hand, dentil molding is something that is usually reserved for people whose budgets for home improvement are more generous, as it can be rather expensive to incorporate into a houses exterior or interior. That is because dentil molding installation requires a fair degree of skill primarily, the ability to mount the molding in a manner that is properly spaced and aligned. Due to the cost involved in dentil molding, it is a unique feature of which only certain houses can boast.

The exterior of your home will be perpetually on display for all of your friends and neighbors, so if you have the available funds, its a good idea to contact a contractor who specializes in dentil molding installation to have the job done.