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Tips On How To Keep Termites Away From Your Home

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Pests are known to live with the human population and feed on the leftovers.
Whenever leftovers are not available these pests would start feeding on the food and edible products meant for human consumption. Many pests like termites are bound to feed on your furniture and wooden articles turning them into rubble.

Termites are known to survive in the most extreme conditions and can cause huge irreversible economic damage to our properties especially wooden they are a real nuisance once they enter your property. Treading in swarms they would make way by eating into whatever comes their way.

Controlling Termites can be quite tricky and one should contact a professional pest control company to exterminate them out of your property.

Termites are disastrous because they can do serious damage to your home.

1. Make sure that none of your garden beds are in contact with your outside wall, they should be at least two meters away.

2. Get rid of any old tree stumps on your property, tree stumps are an attractive nesting site for termites.

3. Use concrete rather than wood when you can in your garden

4. Store any timber or firewood off the ground and as far from your house as possible, stored wood is a magnet for termites.

5. Make sure any water outflows, like aircon units and hot water systems, drain away from building, moisture is another termite attractor.

6. If building with wood, make sure no wood touches the ground. Use steel mounts to elevate wood.

7. Inspect your house for telltale signs as often as possible, it is best to stop termite infestations as soon as you can.

Prevention is better than cure. Before termites attack your property its better you take counter offensive measures and make tour property a fortress for these termites to enter.

If you follow all of the above tips then you lessen your chances of termites attacking your property. Make sure to have your property inspected by a professional pest control company on a regular basis to identify any signs of pest or termite attack that can be in waiting.