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House Doctor Services From Violet Interiors

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Interior Design Company Violet Interiors offers a range of unique and personal home styling services that will assist you with all your home making needs.

Their House Doctor service is ideal if you are planning to sell your home, or expecting important visitors. After an initial home visit consultation, which usually lasts about an hour, Violet Interiors will devise a strategy that is guaranteed to improve the design, layout, condition and general feel of your home.

Violet Interiors are experts when it comes to making the right impression on buyers, and you can be assured that the service is carried out with 100% customer satisfaction in mind.

Not only will your personal House Doctor consider the presentation of your home; decoration, furnishings and even lighting can be altered by a Violet Interiors expert home designer.

Customers of Violet Interiors will receive a 10% consultancy fee reduction, and will also receive a free landscape gardening session when the project is complete, from partner company Michael Harrison Landscaping. also has a range of stunning home accessories to enhance your home, such as handmade patchwork quilts, designer drought excluders, and cushions.

Founder Violet Harrison, with over 25 years experience in the interior design industry, would always be a first choice for home improvements due to her commitment, reliability and expert skills in home styling. The company is based in Durham, but Violet has been known to travel all over the North East to satisfy peoples home styling needs.

Violet Interiors also deals with other interior design requirements, such as upholstery, floor and lighting installation and decorating.